Viruses on IK Tool amid shifts in top ranks

This is a quick update on this fine Summer Solstice day in France.

I keep an occasional eye on IK, and enough activity has happened to make this report.

mark69 of [The Club] says he has been infected by a virus that proved difficult to remove from his computer from Steven Hills IK Tool. Questions are raised about why the IK Tool is now placing viruses on peoples computers. People are advised to cease using the IK tool unless they wish their computer to be infected with viruses.

Islandor which is a carbon copy of IK is hitting the rocks where everyone has decided to play sim city. Players are asking IK's former player Halko if he will create a second server but he says he is busy with other projects with no promises that he will be able to find time to even fix his present bugs. Halko has created his game several years too late, and it looks like Islandor despite attracting over 500 accounts is failing to take off.

IK Forum is dead with the last posting dated 1st June 2010. Tank [The Club], who promised to restart posting on the IK forum has failed to reappear since his last post in May 2010.

Voidedge has ended his war with most of IK and has joined [The Club] where his account sits in retirement with just four isles left on it.

Hannibal which is apparently being co-run by Joeee of [Firefox] days and Stomer has offered his protection to [Firefox] members including some of his isles.

"Poison witch" Heather has sold the Fearless account to Nero who now owns several IK accounts.

The [Ravens] alliance that was founded by Raven appears to be coming to the end of its life as members splinter off to new alliances. [Ravens] which is mainly noted for its war against IK's rambo Voidedge is now at rank 13 with just three members, one being Raven.

The Fishcult account that was rumoured to be owned by Raven has founded a new ranked six alliance called [LWS]. The new alliance has 4 members.

[IX] has moved to rank three at the expense of [Ravens] and [Slayer] with 26 members.

Power in IK now splits five ways with Troian and Stomer heading the [IX] faction, Raven with her allies including [DA], [IX] and [Ravens], "poison witch" Heather heading [Slayer], Nemesis heading [DLElite] and Tank's [The Club]. With the shift in power at the top it is likely war between one or more of these five factions may soon occur.

IK player numbers continue the downward slide to just 340 player accounts today.

Unless anything significant happens I will next put a report on this blog when I am back from France in July/August.

Question, why does IK baby M8KWR pee up? Check out 4:37 in this video:

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