Fuck For Israel !!!


Do you?
warm family
innocent child smile
eternity of peace who want to come true
God's arms against his servant
God's love for them

Proud of you zionis
people crying in the land claim
has been accomplished ruffian
servant of God heard cries
shouted the victorious sounds
not the end they were deemed

No more family
no more smiles
no more peaceful
God even though his hands still hiding
heaven waiting for them

Damn you, O ziolist
messenger of God as Satan
you guys always awaited homecoming
your home only
HELL ....

in story of three religious congregation
Israel, the people of Moses
traitor truth
batty waiting for god
Realize your


You safe
heaven will come together again
families waiting calmly
playing a symphony of love there
smile's so warm replies

God has always kept his word ....
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