Oskari and Tank "die" in [Slayer] blitzkrieg

One very tired blogger here, as the General Election in the UK is proving exhausting, so this report is short and sweet.

Heather it is confirmed is having mega trouble in Islandor and decided to eliminate a few of her problems on IK to allow her more time to concentrate on Islandor. The result was lots of fleets hitting Oskari and Tank from BigA, Boots25, Avacee and M8KWR. Also assisted by Westcoast the fleets from [Slayer] cleared out the Oskari and Tank accounts and had captured a bucketful of isles from both accounts in record time. The losses for [Slayer] was huge, and to make matters worse the Tank account denied any intact isles to [Slayer] after it destroyed them all.

With the "death" of the Tank account I have retired for at least a week from the war, but I will still report on the war and offer tactical advice to [The Club]. Boots25 is currently sending colony fleets from ocean 22 to colonise the Tank "Heather is Mad" isles, perhaps because he likes the title.

After some initial problems with Fearless [Slayer] mark69 [The Club] was back in the dominant role and at a new personal record of 1627 isles. Little was having it easy taking his total to 3892 isles. Fearless who is now the "bitch" of Little and mark69 is closing to below 600 isles at 616 isles. The Fearless "counterstrike" was reported to have been a complete failure against mark69. Little reported he had only 6 isles to take in ocean 1 from Fearless and was moving on to new targets.

It is voting day on Thursday, please use your vote...

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