Nasty man kicks baby one last time


Matching the size of his ego and the doodoo's that he does in his nappies IK's cry baby had a 10k statue on his main isle - that is until the nasty man visited...

Attack report
from 03.05.2010 02:30
Offence Units TANK [THE CLUB]
Total Losses
Large Warship 1308 241
Small Merchant Ship 29 5
Stone Thrower 50 9
Spearfighter 5981 1102
Archer 413 76
Catapult 810 149
Defence Units M8KWR [SLAYER]
Total Losses
Large Warship 489 489
Large Merchant Ship 27 27
Small Warship 216 216
Small Merchant Ship 44 44
Colonisation Ship 1 1
Spearfighter 215 215
Archer 2658 2658
Catapult 49 49
Plundered Resources
Gold 4800
Stone 0
Lumber 0
Gold Mine Level 1 (Destruction: 1)
Storehouse Level 26 (Destruction: 4)
Statue Level 1 (Destruction: 19)

There has been numerous attempts on the former 7k lws fleet main isle of M8KWR by me and others although like the cowardly baby the fleet keeps running away. This was my last attempt on the Tank account to kill the M8KWR main isle fleet which is now reduced to a mere 2000 lws with his main isle trashed and his main isle statue reduced to the size of his weenee. It is only thanks to the efforts of his "mum" Heather on the account that saved any credibility crybaby M8KWR had in this war.


The main fighters on [The Club] side mainly were away from IK over the weekend to enjoy the bank holiday, not so Heather of [Slayer] who was busy sending out fleets from BigA, Fearless, Boots25, Avacee and the M8KWR accounts at [The Club] and allied targets.

Mark69 [The Club] reported that his ocean 31's had been badly hit by Fearless. Oskari account was nearly dead. The Tank account which had 26 fleets on Saturday had by this morning lost half of them. Heather, who faces threats to her domination of the Islandor game and pressures in real life has opted to go on the offensive in IK.


With just 3 days left before the most important election in Britain in 30 years I will be fully committed to getting my local MP back into office. I have over the weekend put out some 3000 leaflets already and have just completed a load more this morning. Having spent the better part of the last month waking up in the middle of the night to dodge fleets from [Slayer] I decided last night that the fleet dodging would come to an end since things like the General Election was more important to me: having noted all the fleet isles last night crimson red from incoming fleets from [Slayer] I decided to just leave them in harbour and let [Slayer] get on with it. Having achieved nearly all my military objectives with Tank it was time to call it a day. I have a few minor things still to do and then my IK campaign as far as Tank account is concerned is over.


After Heather of [Slayer] proposed to oskari [Warlord] a truce so he could go to war with [IX] who had been acting as vultures on his cleared isles, I intervened to attempt to get a truce between Oskari and [Ravens] so he could attack [IX]. The problem Oskari faces is that he is in ocean 15/16 and [IX] are in ocean 1, meaning that [Ravens] could fleet steal any fleet that Oskari sent at [IX]. Raven leader of [Ravens] rejected any truce saying [Ravens] were close friends with [IX], and apparently it was learnt that [Ravens] were instrumental in encouraging [IX] to attack Oskari. I informed Oskari and Heather that a truce was not possible and consequently [Slayer] finished what they started and killed the Oskari account.

If you are entitled to vote please use your vote this Thursday as Britain stands on the edge of social and economic anarchy due to immigration, economy and a corrupt political system - your vote will make a difference, use your vote wisely.

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