Never give knives to a baby


Is it that mark69 [The Club] has opted for a new fashion craze I don't know about or are those things sticking out of his back looking suspiciously like knives? This blog has warned before of giving knives to babies like M8KWR, especially if you are his "friend". M8KWR has a bad habit of sticking knives into the back of his friends. This is what happened today when mark69 signed on to his account and found scores of attack reports of attacks from his "friend" M8KWR. Little and mark69 until today have not attacked M8KWR, but it is likely M8KWR will be donating his isles to [The Club] tea and biscuits fund soon.

mark69 said:

"Despite numerous occassions where M8KWR told me how I was a 'mate', we 'went back all the way' and he would never attack me, the Judas has gone back on his word...

With the pressure increasing on fearless and boots getting his b*tt kicked (again), in the early hours of the morning I came under attack from the M8KWR account. Judging by his PD he has cast all loyalties aside. "

According to the latest update on the cry baby PD, M8KWR with his multi account Pureone has decided to declare to the world that he is quitting IK for the billionth time and is going to hit lots of people he don't like. I will be seeing some fleets soon then...


There are three "Tank" accounts running around IK right now as Tank mania took off - get your Tank T-Shirt here. This blog has heard nothing from the man behind the big gun, after Heather used her multi accounts to hammer his son, but soon the Tank name could be going viral throughout the internet.

So who are all these three Tanks then? Well there is the original account called Tank owned by the famous man himself that now sits rather forlornly in [The Club] after the Fearless account beat it to death. Then there is the more meaty Tank- which is the former Nemesis account which I renamed after the man behind the name.

So who is this Tank_? Well, as we all know the folk in [Slayer] are well annoyed that they may actually have to do their own dirty work and throw some fleets around from their own accounts rather than have everyone else do it for them. [Slayer] also face the possibility they could lose the war, but they are unlikely now to win it and there are few if any accounts that Heather can buy on IK floating around to change that verdict. So Heather has caught on to a cunning plan of Baldrick dimensions...

A [Slayer] member pretended to be Tank and approached mark69 for the password to the Tank- account, but like all cunning plans theory rarely matches reality and that was the end of another desperate enterprise by the cunning but stupid Heather.


Another cunning plan of Heather was to claim I am Voidedge. Now it is quite true I speak to Voidedge on this game every day; it is true Voidedge sends me dozens of attack reports and comment each day on his war; and it is quite true my blog has been quite positive about Voidedge (since any man who as underdog can face off against that many opponents without running deserves a medal). And that is where it ends and we enter Heather-fantasy-land: [Raven] would quickly work out if I was running Voidedge as I have a specific fighting style that no one else on IK has, and I would be unable to give the [Slayer] opposition the quality time that is required to help [The Club] onto victory if I was fighting another war.


Heather claims she has stolen lots of my fleets yesterday: reality she only gained a 1000 lws and 200 lws fleet for her troubles. Here is the story how it went:

Heather loses it after [The Club] attack Fearless and [DL.Elite] make peace with [the Club]. Heather pulls her multi account Fearless out of [DL.Elite] and in anger launches her trade mark 2000 lws colony fleets from her BigA multi at the [The Club] Tank- account. I am running the Tank- account over the weekend and now face 100 isles under attack from BigA.

My strategy has four aims which I then initiated:

Aim 1: Neutralise all fleets and army on all Westcoast ocean 5's: Achieved.
I launched my fleets from the isles under attack at Westcoast in ocean 5 who either left his fleet in harbour to be cleared or sent them to suicide into a Tank- isle that sunk them all.

Aim 2: Wipe out the fleets of Boots25 in the eastern centre of ocean 5 that threatened my centre: Achieved.
I launched my fleets from the isles under attack by BigA. There was an initial skirmish with Boots25 but after he went offline I finished off his remaining fleets. I stole two 1k fleets off Boots25 during the battle.

Aim 3: Clear all the Boots25 ocean 5s he captured from Tank (Nemesis) last month: Achieved.
Fleets were launched from the isles under attack on Tank- against Boots25 and these cleared his isles during the night.

Aim 4: Salvage as many fleets as I can : Achieved.
A high risk strategy was enacted to send the majority of the fleets out to attack Boots25 and Westcoast in a stage by stage, hour by hour rolling action so that those remaining in harbour would recolonise any captured fleet isles until it was their turn to be sent out. Around 50% of isles with fleets sent out were captured by BigA but were then retaken by me quickly over the following hours. As a result BigA only managed to capture two fleets. Of these this is what happened:

Fleet 1 captured by BigA (run by Heather) : 1000 lws
This fleet was sent in packages of 400 lws to clear Westcoast isles from isle 5.20.21. The first error I made was that I sent these fleets at Westcoast isles that had already been cleared so they bounced with little damage to them. The second error was launching from an area with limited support from other isles. BigA captured the isle but also cleared or captured all the near isles as well. I had used up or had sent on a fleet save colony ships and so had only three available to send to rescue my lost isle. I destroyed the isle wall and watchtower to cover my approaching colony fleets. All three colony ship fleets bounced and as a result the fleet remained in the control of BigA. A killing fleet was wiped out trying to neutralise the captured fleet when BigA dumped 1000 cats on the isle.

Fleet 2 captured by BigA (run by Heather) : 200 lws.
5.19.1 fell to BigA with 200 lws returning. I captured the isle but hit bad luck when BigA captured an isle with a colony fleet coming at 5.19.1 and the isle fell back into the ownership of BigA. Another attempt to recolonise the isle resulted in the colony fleet sinking the 200 lws. The empty isle was recaptured this morning.

By the end of the BigA offensive 43 isles were captured by BigA from Tank- and two fleets of 1000 lws and 200 lws. Tank- achieved three critical ocean 5 military objectives and salvaged about half the fleets under attack. The majority of isles BigA captured were already empty isles. For Westcoast and Boots25 it was a disaster with Westcoast suffering all his 5's cleared and two thirds disabled in a major catapult attack; for Boots25 his power centre in the middle of ocean 5 was wiped out and 70 isles he captured two months ago were cleared. Boots25 also suffered the loss of two 1000 lws fleets stolen by Tank. The icing on the cake was the "gift" of 200 catapults and 2500 stonies that fell into the hands of Tank- from BigA which she sent to an isle recaptured by Tank-.


This war has been going on since October 2009, that is today we mark 7 months of fighting. Heather is in lala land and is screaming and shouting because things are not going her way. Heather has promoted all her followers to admins of her alliance and declared Jihad to the death to [The Club]: all this because [The Club] beat up on one of her multi accounts (Fearless) and [DL.Elite] made peace. Why is it that accounts must die in the cause of Heather's egomania? It was Heather who attacked [The Club] first and got loads of people involved in her personal crusade. This war is a personal thing of Heather, it is not like [The Club] has done anything to deserve this need to destroy them by Heather other than Tank unhinged Heather with a few comments on the IK forum and [The Club] have a few big accounts. Suddenly Heather is throwing everyone in her diminishing circle into a panic of talk to the death. It is not like [The Club] is out to prove anything and [The Club] have allowed lots of alliances peace [DA]... [DL.Elite] and have even allowed [Slayer] members to walk away from the war... Cheese... LEGION. mark69 had chosen not to attack "friend" M8KWR until now, but then the stupid baby bought into the rants and ravings of Heather, he now has the mentality of a suicide bomber - it is hoped others see sense and opt out of the crazy woman's crusade.

Why you should never give knives to a baby... watch and learn...

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