IK is like a good game of chess

When you take the emotional rubbish out of the game, IK at its pure war level is a great game of chess. I have never asked but I wonder if the best players at this game are also good at chess? The fleets and isles are chess pieces that you can do all manner of clever things with, added with the random elements of the 50/50 colonisation and the kampf. It is a shame that some people on IK are unable to separate their emotional reality from a text based game of mere computer code and numbers. I play the game for the fun of it, I zone out the emotional stuff which for me spoils the game. What I enjoy also is being part of a professional team of people in [The Club]. Little and mark69 of [The Club] I have known since before the days of [Virus], I have both been on their side and against them, so we all know each others playing styles, and we compliment each other well. [The Club] probably have the three of the five best fighters on IK. Boots25 and Heather are the other two top five fighters, although Heather is let down by her emotional and mental instability.

The [Slayer] v [The Club] war continues at a frantic pace. It is a case of swap-the-colony as Boots25, Pureone, M8KWR and Fearless accounts are set against Little and Mark69 in the Western Theatre of War, with little breakthrough for either side so far. In the Easterm Theatre of War [Slayer] has the advantage of M8KWR, Boots25, Westcoast and the BigA account up against Tank- with Ihsan still semi-active due to real life issues.

I am helping on the Tank- account and today saw the latest huge wave of attacks from BigA. Rather than let the Tank-fleets be destroyed in harbour I launched against all the isles of Boots25 and in a seven hour blitz effectively knocked Boots25 out of the war in ocean 5 after I killed all his fleets in that ocean earlier today.

Voidedge continues to enjoy himself shooting down ravens as the fleets of [Ravens] visit and die on his shores. The alliance of Voidedge [Void] is the latest alliance to agree a peace treaty with [The Club].

With reference to the video below I always think of Heather as a bit like a witch as she casts her spell on the minds of her followers and manipulates them like puppets on a string. There is a character called Skandar in the Narnia films, and there is of course that witch. I like the last scene... enjoy the film...

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