A lil post for December 2010

It is hard to believe that another year is near over. It is even harder to believe that this ancient online game, inselkampf.co.uk, is still going. I have been predicting for several years that IK would close, but it keeps on going because of a bunch of addicts who are unable to let their addiction go. For all intents and purposes IK is dead, so it is more a museum and memory shop for the few hundred still "playing" the game.

It was around this time in December 2004 that IK was founded, and I joined in February 2005. I, like many grew up in the game, and I guess I am one of those who still pop in on a occasion to say hello, but my craving to play the game is gone.

I have an account on IK called Raul, this account I will keep active until the New Year, mainly to catch up on news for my update later this month. My Raul account is located at 1:82:12 so come and say hello, or attack, it don't matter.

There is a "skandar" account in [DA] though that is not me.

It looks from initial impressions the wars are all finished on IK, and blissful simcity-like peace has enshrouded the once bloody oceans of this game.

The biggest dumbass on the game must be M8KWR who wasted £500 on buying loads of accounts to persuade everyone he was more than the smelly baby he was, though everyone just laughed at his stupidity.

If the game was uneven at the start, it is now, as all the big guys group together, and fighting anyone outside of their lil group is as much fun as squashing an ant.

277 accounts is the new total on IK, 277 hardened IK addicts who still hold onto the idea that there is still life in the old gal yet, a mentality like a ten-year-old who still gets comfort from the blanket they have been carrying around for ten years.

It looks like King_Dan has vanished again for another few years from the IK forum, so the remaining people on IK have created a new IK forum, mark III.

I will be contacting some of you over the coming weeks as I sniff out the news, if any, catch you soon.
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