Download AutoSave Essentials 3 With Free License Key

AutoSave Essentials does what it says, it automatically saves (backs up) your essential files by creating a duplicate copy in the safest place you have specified. Save photos, save videos, save music, save documents, save emails - in fact save anything that is valuable. If you are the person responsible for your family’s memories or your company’s accounts or even general data, it may just save your life. Plus no complications, it is as easy as 1-2-3!
  1.  Set up: what you want to save where you want to save it
  2. Save it: AutoSave Essentials automatically creates duplicate copies as often as you want
  3. Restore it: if disaster does strike, everything AutoSaved is restored easily
Your valuable data can be saved locally, on external or remote network drives even an FTP site, without any hassle or fuss. AutoSave Essentials works in the background while you are doing other things. Computer people call this process a "back up", otherwise known as saving a copy in a safe place.

How to grab a free copy of AutoSave Essentials 3

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