Way to Get Rich $ $ How Can Dollars Only with a click: D (No Scam)

Hello all, surely the PTC program is not foreign for us all.

PTC (paid to click) is a program that pays us each of us do click ads. Payments we receive are usually $ 0.01 with a period of 30 seconds. The number of ads is usually 4 to 25 depending on many conditions. Ads will be reset every day, so to get $ $ $ should be every day click on the ad.

In addition to click your own ads, we also allowed for refferal (similar to MLM), as a simple description like this:
You click 10 ads your earnings = 10 x 0:01 = $ 0.1
You have 30 refferal and all click 10 ads = 30 x 10 x 0:01 = $ 3
Your daily earnings = $ 3.1
Your monthly earnings = 1.3 x 30 = $ 93

The most important thing is we need not require much time, at least 10 ads to click the time was not more than 10 minutes to one PTC program.

On the internet a lot of PTC programs, we have tp hati2 because a lot of PTC programs that do not pay or SCAM.

The problem of payment:
After we retained sufficient (depending on the program there is $ 1, $ 2, $ 10 etc) we can withdraw or cashout. Usually we get paid by Paypal or Alertpay, tp I suggest you have a Paypal because it can immediately withdraw it via various banks in Indonesia. Paypal problem much discussed on the internet.

And here are the best PTC programs that I have happened to follow and never got paid via Paypal. For the moment only the programs below, if there will be, I might add.

The above is just one example of the calculation that you can then you will have to follow more than one PTC and PTC's been proven not a scam ... I too have been getting paid :D

The following links I gave you a list of ptc for later:

1. Neobux
2. Worldlinx
3. Onbux

some who have been examples of successful

If you are like shopping online, buy equipment online game Create a hurry to register for the money waiting for you: D

To register your Paypal can be googling. because I use alertpay

Click on this link:

and follow the registration form.


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