Cirque du Freak The Vampires Assistant 2009 DVDRip XviD-AMIABLE

And, just so you know, the vampires in this movies aren't fanged creatures who cant go into the light, or who can turn into bats, or anything like that stereo-type crap. It is more realistic. Like how they don't live forever, they just age real slowly. They don't suck blood through their teeth, they cut open a vein, suck a bit of blood then heal the wound with their spit. They can go into sunlight but not forever because they can get burnt real easily.

Also note that if the film is the content of the first three books it may be created as a stand alone movie, however there could be up to three sequels as the saga consisted of twelve books split into 4 trilogies, they could all easily be put into 4 films of the separate trilogies and flow well together

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